Kids of Heaven: Best Iranian Movie

Kids of Heaven: Best Iranian Movie

Kids of Heaven, an undercover film led from the Majid Majidi, has become an award-winner at several film festivals. It is a lovely and simple story of a sister and brother along with a pair of sneakers. Because their parents are too poor to afford a new set, both children opt to keep it a mystery. The brother asserts to come across the missing pair of sneakers and they consent to explain the brother’s set until he sees them.

A mad rush serves as they organize the sharing each afternoon – that the sister runs back from college into the brother waiting in a street, they swap the sneakers along with the brother dashes into his college. Fortunately they moved to different universities with various timings:-RRB- Then there is a race at the boy’s college and the third prize is a new set of sneakers. The boy engages in the race decided to come THIRD. His sister asks him what could happen if he arrived instead.

No doubt Kids of Heaven is the best Iranian masterpiece movie and now available at gemtv through online access.

I watched the film a few months ago and loved it. The 2 children are cute, joyful, smart, mature, psychological, petulant, forgiving, loving, joyful, persistent and determined. There is something magical and upsetting regarding the entire film that touches you deeply. The film has a deep message and it speaks to each age category.

Kids are non-judgemental as well as giving. With kids, it is possible to take your masks off and be yourself. No queries, no ailments. It is a very simple equation that has nothing to do with bloated egos (that we cultivate in our maturity).

Kids are interested. Kids ask a lot of questions, questions you’ve forgotten to inquire. As soon as we quit asking questions, we quit searching for answers we cease getting replies and we place a brake to our self-growth. It might not be simple to answer all their questions but pay attention to them because they will certainly teach you about lifestyle as well as yourself.

They do not take any grudges and resentments. They could cry and bawl 1 minute and the next time they will be gurgling in pleasure. They may be incredibly understanding, older, patient and perceptive (than many adults) when we let them learn how to trust them. I still recall my two year-old niece and how prudent and understanding she had been when her mother was off at a hospital for a couple of days for the delivery of her infant sister. And after the baby was born, she had been the most watchful sister. When 2nd moment moms-to-be fret over the way their first born will probably handle the brand new addition to the household, I believe it my solemn duty (as a smart aunt) to guarantee them that the child will be just good -“Trust the child, respect them and tell them the reality – they are more mature and responsible than we give them credit for”.

Kids Reside at the moment. For them the past doesn’t make a difference and the future doesn’t exist yet. It is not until they begin going to college and begin to learn the manners of earth, the past and future require more precedence than the current. We barely notice our environment. We’re lost in our world, our thoughts and issues.

“A young kid is, indeed, a legitimate scientist, only one large question mark. What? Why? How? I never cease to marvel in the recurring miracle of expansion, to be fascinated with the mystery and wonder of the courageous enthusiasm.”

Kids are persistent and never quit. Celebrate a kid who is decided to find something and the way in which they begin negotiating and cajoling one to get what they desire with wide innocent eyes along with a straightforward “Please?”  Want to learn your sales abilities? Negotiate with a kid first:-RRB- Make them consume their foods, make them consume fruits & veggies, make them sleep early and you would turn into a master salesman at the end of it!

Only because they make you forget your concerns and your own troubles. They bring a grin to your face. They’re a terrific relaxation in times of despair. When we dropped my father, it was the children who kept us moving.

Month old toddlers and babies that can not say a phrase – they get whatever they want and desire. How can they do it without even speaking one word? Yes they bawl and wail and possibly use gestures… plus they turn you around your finger. Request the parents and they’ll tell you that they absolutely understand what the kid wants – since parents listen to their hearts then. And the transition occurs as the decades go by – and – switch to their minds – and cant speak directly to another! Stay with all the kisses, please!

That is all about my 5 years old nephew when he was approximately 10 weeks old. I had been engrossed in a while and he had been playing . We had been sitting on the veranda floor in my parents’ house. The leaves had turned yellow and so were falling off and my small nephew was helping mother character by plucking off the not-so-yellow-green ones he could attain. There weren’t any longer leaves in his reach. What exactly does he do next? He even took a leaf and tried placing it back. The foliage would fall off. He’d pick it up again and attempt to place it back . I bet that the words “hopeless” or “failure” or even “foolish/stupid’ or” not sensible” or” what will others believe” never crossed his mind!

Each kid is unique and distinct. No two kids are exactly the same. That can be something a person shared with me . Imagine you’re given a package of “nameless” seeds. The gardener’s duty would be to water the seeds, so make sure they get adequate sunshine and nourishment – i.e nurture the seeds and see them grow into beautiful plants and blossom into beautiful blossoms. Expecting a lily blossom to blossom on a plant that is grown is only going to fail us. So it’s with us. Parents, such as anglers, have to cultivate the child and give the child with essential nutrition to develop – LOVE – then step back and observe (with no expectations) since they blossom into beautiful flowers which they’re intended to be. Just like a plant finds sunlight and follows it throughout the afternoon, so will a kid locate his/her goal in life.

As we proceed into our teenagers and into maturity, we slowly lose our innocence as well as also the joy of becoming. We wrap ourselves in masks and layers as a way of survival and protection inside this apparently harsh world. We all inherit a belief system – and out of that we produce our personal belief system. We construct our own perception lens through which we see this world. We take pride and comfort in living inside the bounds we produce and concretion.

Rather than enjoying life, we begin taking life too seriously because of our own great. Rather than being in the present time, we live in the past or way into the future. Rather than laughing over our problems and moving ahead, we agonise over our misfortunes and have trapped in fear, self-doubt and dread.

Maybe that is when the universe determines it is time for another generation to step in so we come from this rut we produce. Kids are a gift and there is so much we could learn from them if only we’re ready to listen and listen to them together with our hearts rather than our heads, even if only we’d stop moulding them in to who we need them to be instead of allowing them be who they are and are intended to be, even if we wouldn’t become annoyed (since we do not understand the answers!) Using their queries but ponder deeply over them.


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